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Our homes can sometimes seem attractive to wildlife such as wasps, bees, mice and ants. And dealing with them can be dangerous and unpleasant if you're not sure what you are doing. Wasps and bees in particular may attack and it's advisable to keep children and pets away from the area.


The powders and foams sold in DIY shops are effective, however they are less effective than the professional products available to licenced pest controllers and need to be applied correctly, wearing suitable protective clothing.


The honey bee is a protected species and it's illegal to kill them. At Fauna Management we regularly capture and re-home bees to appropriate hives where they will thrive and produce honey while pollenating the surrounding plants.


Wasps, ants, moles and rodents are not protected and removal using traps and poisons is necessary. Re-infestation may occur and there may be some good hints and tips on what you can do minimise the risk. Our agents will try to suggest some solutions for ongoing maintenance if appropriate.


We aim to treat any domestic infestations within 48h of your call. Depending on the availability of our agents, we usually attend within 24h.

Picture gallery: Moles and rabbits can damage green open areas

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We aim to respond within 48h on callouts in North London and the northern Home Counties. If you are based elsewhere in UK, please call us for further details.



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