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Golf Courses, Public areas, Forests and Farms

At Fauna Management we provide a varied service to Golf Courses, Councils, Clubs and Farms from regular maintenance contracts to one-off callouts, we are able to support all your pest control and vermin management needs.



Our services at a glance

  • Golf Courses
  • Cricket Grounds
  • Council parks and open spaces
  • Woodland and farmland


Golf Courses and Food Serving Establishments

Golf Courses are often in rural settings and the club house is attractive not just to avid golfers, but also to rodents and insects. We provide full control services with official records suitable for hygiene inspections, giving you peace of mind.


Parks, Cricket Grounds, Fairways and Lawns

Moles, rabbits, foxes, geese and other wildlife are vital for the eco system of the British Isles, however sometimes there can be a conflict where the damage to fairways and laws become an issue. At Fauna Management we would work with you to reduce the vermin to reasonable numbers, where people can enjoy seeing the wildlife without the population taking over in any particular area. Our agents also clear the spoil from molehills to stop soil scabs and enable the grass to regrow without additional attention from the green keeper.


Ongoing maintenance and control is required to sustain the correct balance and an upmost importance and attention to discretion and safety is taken when control is carried out in public areas.


Woodland and Farmland

There are several non-native deer species in our forests and woodlands and although they are not easily spotted when you go for a walk, they appear all over the south of Britain.


At Fauna Management our licenced Deer Managers can safely manage herds of native and non-native deer and ensure any culls are prepared safely for the larder.


Please call us for an informal discussion regarding your requirements.

Picture gallery: Molehills are cleared

Call out the experts

We aim to respond within 48h on callouts in North London and the northern Home Counties. If you are based elsewhere in UK, please call us for further details.



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